Track 4: Designing Enabling Environments for Micronutrients


Track 4: Designing Enabling Environments for Micronutrients:

Objective: Engaging new actors and building new alliances, and expanding the field of view to include global, regional, and national policy considerations, financing, innovative partnerships, climate change, communications, and advocacy.
Main Topics:
  • Interdependence of micronutrient nutrition and resilience of communities and systems
  • Micronutrient security as a human right
  • Value propositions across the value chain
  • Market shaping for micronutrients and nutrition for resilience
  • Solutions to engagement with the private sector to invest and support high quality foods
  • Rethinking the investment case
  • Multisectoral engagement to make food systems deliver on nutrition and resilience
  • Cost-effectiveness of delivering micronutrient interventions at scale
  • Effective and responsible policies, programs and business models
  • Creating and sustaining effective leadership, communication, capacity development and advocacy

Asma Lateef,
Policy and Advocacy Lead, SDG2 Advocacy Hub, USA

Rajul Pandya-Lorch,
Member, Board of Directors, Micronutrient Forum, USA


17 October, 10:30 AM

The Impact Pathways for Climate Change and Nutrition Resilience: What is the Evidence?

17 October, 1:45 PM

Economic Factors and Behavior Change as Drivers of Demand for Dietary Quality

17 October, 5:30 PM

Forging Connections between Humanitarian and Development Efforts to Strengthen Micronutrient and Nutritional Resilience

18 October, 10:30 AM

Leveraging Opportunities Within Food Systems to Deliver Healthy Diets and Ensure Micronutrient Resilience

18 October, 1:45 PM

Accelerating the Mobilization of Financing for Micronutrient and Nutrition Resilience

19 October, 10:30 AM

Building Supportive Policy Environments for Micronutrient Resilience

19 October, 1:45 PM

Women's Nutrition: Creating an Empowering Environment

20 October, 10:30 AM

How Nutritious Foods Benefit 'Bottom-of-the-Pyramid' Consumers

20 October, 10:30 AM

Advocating for Nutrition in the Face of Multiple Crises

*Please note that the program is subject to change