About Micronutrient Forum

About Micronutrient Forum

The Micronutrient Forum

The Micronutrient Forum serves as a global catalyst and convener for sharing expertise, insights and experience relevant to micronutrients in all aspects of health promotion and disease prevention, with special emphasis on the integration with relevant sectors.

The Forum brings together leading technical experts, policymakers, program implementors, civil society representatives, bilateral and multilateral partners, and the private sector who act and invest responsibly in nutrition to generate and synthesize evidence, promote alignment on shared agendas and pursue collective actions. This is achieved through hosting secretariats, convenings, conferences, and integrated advocacy.


The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium (HMHB), hosted by the Micronutrient Forum, accelerates collective action to break this vicious cycle and give a healthy start to mothers and their babies through evidence-based interventions.

Standing Together for Nutrition (ST4N) is a multidisciplinary consortium of 35 nutrition, economics, food, and health system experts working to address the scale and reach of COVID-related nutrition challenges. Together, this unique collaboration has published their conclusions in leading journals such as The Lancet and Nature Food. ST4N is hosted by the Micronutrient Forum and generously supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and Canada.

The Micronutrient Data Innovation Alliance (DInA) convenes diverse national, regional, and global stakeholders to improve the availability, quality, accessibility, and use of micronutrient-related data to support national-level decision-makers.

Emerging Initiatives

Addressing anemia is foundational for empowering women, their families, communities, and nations. More than one in three women suffer from anemia globally – resulting in increased risk of infections and death, lower cognition, extreme fatigue, poor pregnancy outcomes, loss of earnings and lower growth and development for babies and children. The Alliance for Anemia Actions, a UN Food Systems solution, brings together the food, health, social protection, and environmental sectors to accelerate progress in science, policies, and programs to achieve the SDG 2 Anemia Reduction Target (50%) by 2030.

For more information, please visit our website at www.micronutrientforum.org