Track 3: Program Implementation and Effectiveness


Track 3: Program Implementation and Effectiveness:

Objective: Bridging the gap between evidence and implementation to optimize the scale-up of micronutrient interventions.
Main Topics:
  • Dietary patterns, nutrient intakes, food safety, and resilience
  • Advances in large scale food fortification, home fortification, vitamin and mineral
  • Filling gaps in micronutrient data: Use of modeling tools and dietary data for program decisions
  • Frameworks and tools for successful program design and implementation
  • Experiences from implementation science
  • Innovative program or delivery models, including multi-sectoral interventions
  • Monitoring, surveillance, and evaluation for program improvement, effectiveness, and impact
  • Experiences and lessons learned from country programs

Mdu Mbuya,
Director of Knowledge Leadership,
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), USA

Deanna Olney,

Director, Nutrition, Diets and Health Unit
International Food Policy Research Institute


17 October, 10:30 AM

Utilizing Formative Research Methods and Human-Centered Approaches to Design and Strengthen Interventions to Improve Micronutrient Intake

17 October, 1:45 PM

Bridging Implementation and Science: Lessons Learned in Designing and Delivering Micronutrient Programs for Impact and Scale

17 October, 1:45 PM

Measuring Intervention Coverage: Who is Being Reached?

18 October, 10:30 AM

Effectiveness of Large-Scale Food Fortification

18 October, 1:45 PM

Regional Networks to Strengthen Micronutrient Programs

18 October, 1:45 PM

Highlighting Integrated Multisectoral Nutrition Progarms for Adolescents

19 October, 8:30 AM

Leveraging Social Assistance Programs for Micronutrient Nutrition and Climate Resilience

19 October, 1:45 PM

Are Nutrient Profiling Systems Fit for Purpose with Respect to Ranking Micronutrients

19 October, 5:30 PM

What is Needed to Support, Scale and Sustain Micronutrient Nutrition Solutions?

19 October, 10:30 AM

Lessons Learned From Implementation and Scaling of Home Fortification Interventions for Young Children

20 October, 10:30 AM

Building Resilient Health Systems to Withstand Service Disruption in Vitamin A Supplementation Programs

*Please note that the program is subject to change