Track 1: Micronutrient Biology and Status Assessment


Track 1: Micronutrient Biology and Status Assessment

Objective: Understanding the epidemiology and biology of micronutrient nutrition and implications for program design
Main Topics:
  • Absorption, metabolism and interaction of micronutrients
  • Effects of genetics, infection/inflammation, and other environmental exposures, on micronutrient status
  • Assessment of micronutrient status and epidemiology/global prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies
  • Functional implications of micronutrient deficiency and excess

Sophie Moore,
Professor, Kings College London, UK

Kyly Whitfield,
Associate Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada


17 October, 10:30 AM

Getting It Right – Measuring Hemoglobin and Defining Anaemia

17 October, 1:45 PM

Increasing the Availability of Reliable Information on Biomarkers of Micronutrient Status: Essential Information for Program Planning and Evaluation

18 October, 10:30 AM

Development and Interpretation of Novel Biomarkers of Nutritional Status

18 October, 8:30 AM

Current Estimates of the Global Prevalence of Micronutrient Deficiency, and the Need for More Data

18 October, 1:45 PM

Innovations in Sample Collection, Processing and Analysis of Nutritional Biomarkers

19 October, 10:30 AM

Technology Innovations in the Use of Food as a Vehicle for Micronutrient Delivery

19 October, 1:45 PM

Tools to Assess Infant and Childhood Neurocognitive Outcomes in Micronutrient Trials and Studies

19 October, 10:30 AM

Novel Methods in Bioavailability

20 October, 10:30 AM

Unraveling the Complex Interactions Between Micronutrients and Infection and Immunity

*Please note that the program is subject to change