Exhibition Technical Manual

Exhibition Technical Manual

Dear Exhibitor,

This Exhibitor Technical Manual contains important information designed to assist you in preparing for the MNF 2023 Exhibition.

The Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Micronutrient Forum’s 6th Global Conference which will take place from 16-20 October 2023 at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands.

The exhibition floor plan has been designed to maximize the exhibitor’s exposure to the delegates.

Please read all the information in this manual. It will take you very little time now and could save you a great deal of time later.

Please forward this manual to everyone who is working on this project, including your stand builder, as it contains useful information about the Conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you in The Hague and wish you a successful Conference and exhibition!

Best Regards,

Each exhibitor/supporter has received an e-mail with login details to access the Portal. The Portal enables Supporters and Exhibitors to:

Submit Company logo and profile
Order Lead retrieval (Badge scanners)
Order exhibitor badges
Submit booth drawing (for “Space Only” booths)
Submit other deliverables as per contract

Link to access the Portal https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com

The login details has been sent to the person signing the contract. This person is responsible for passing on the login details to third party if needed.
Access to all Portal services will be available only after submission of your company profile and logo.
Only deliverables as indicated in your contract, should be submitted via the Portal. Items not included in your contract will not be processed.

Action Item Deadline Contact Person
Hotel reservation for Staff As soon as possible https://hotels.kenes.com/congress/MNF23
Company logo and profile As soon as possible and no later than Friday, 25 August



Via Kenes Exhibitor’s Portal


Designed Booth Approval Wednesday, 13 September

Text for Fascia

(Shell Scheme stands only)

Wednesday, 20 September
  K-Lead retrieval app Friday, 29 September
Badge Order Friday, 29 September reg_mnf23@kenes.com
Furniture Rental and AV equipment. Friday, 6 October



Daily Booth Cleaning & Security Orders must be processed through the World Forum – Venue Isle Lechner  ilse.lechner@worldforum.nl
Hostesses & Temporary Staff Hire


  In-booth Catering Monday, 2 October



Door to Door Shipments


Please contact Merkur





Irit Sofer


Airfreight Shipments – Arrival to recommended airport
Shipment via Advance Warehouse

No later than Wednesday, 11 October


Exhibition goods – Direct

Deliveries to Conference Venue

Subject to time slot, only full load trucks

NB! Please note there should be a person from your side to receive your Deliveries.

SET-UP Sunday, 15 October 10:00-22:00
EXHIBITION OPENING HOURS Monday, 16 October 10:30-End of the welcome reception. 19:00 Aprox
Tuesday, 17 October 08:00-17:30
Wednesday, 18 October 08:00-17:30
Thursday, 19 October 08:00-17:30
Friday, 20 October 08:00-15:30
DISMANTLING Friday, 20 October 18:00-22:00

The timetable is subject to changes in accordance with the scientific program.

  • Dismantling of the stands before the official hour is not permitted.
  • All shell scheme booths are required to be on time for dismantling from the hour that it is written that it starts, so that they can pack their materials and after that the official builder is being able to dismantle their booth.
  • All exhibitors should be in their Booth 30 minutes before the official opening hour.

Please Note:

  • Empty crates and packaging material must be removed after set-up and no later than October 15th at 21:30.
  • All aisles must be clear of exhibits and packaging materials to always enable cleaning.
  • Please note that all exhibitors should be in their booth 30 minutes before the official opening hour.

Off Exhibition Information

  • Please note that people will be going through the exhibition on their way to the halls when the exhibition is closed. Therefore, please do not leave any visible valuable articles at your booth. In addition, please consider hiring extra security for your booth after Exhibition Operating Hours.
  • Dismantling of the booths before the official closing of the exhibition is not permitted.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to dispose of all materials after dismantling.
  • Shell Scheme booths -> any equipment, display aid or other material left behind after Friday, 20 October 2023 at 22:00 will be considered discarded and abandoned.
  • ‘Space Only’ booths -> any equipment, display aid or other material left behind after Friday, 20 October 2023 at 22:00 will be considered discarded and abandoned.
  • The exhibitors / customers and all companies contracted by them are responsible for ensuring operating safety and compliance with industrial safety and accident prevention regulations on their stands / event areas.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to dispose all materials after dismantling.
  • Any charges incurred for waste removal will be sent to the exhibitor.
  • Please do not leave any visible valuable articles at your stand.
  • Please note we will have a security guard at night from the moment the exhibition is closed until the following day when we open.
  • In addition, please consider hiring extra security for your Booth before/ after Exhibition Operating hours in case you have valuable stuff in your booths.

Welcome Reception at The Exhibition Area

Welcome reception will take place in the exhibition area on 16 October at 17:30. We encourage all the exhibitors to stay in their booths during the welcome reception in order to attend the participants.

Exhibition Floor Plan

The floor plan has been designed to maximize the exhibitor’s exposure to the delegates.
For most updated floor plan and list of exhibitors, please click here

Confirmed Sponsors & Exhibitors HERE

All exhibitors are required to be registered and will receive a badge displaying the exhibiting company name. Individual participant names will not appear on badges in order that they may be used interchangeably between staff members.

Exhibitor badges will be given as per your contract.

Two exhibitor badges will be given for the first 9 sqm booked and one additional badge for each 9 sqm after.

Any additional exhibitor’s badges will be charged an exhibitor registration fee of 175€

Companies can purchase a maximum number of exhibitor registrations as follows:

✓ Stands of up to 60sqm – 15 exhibitor registrations

✓ Stands larger than 60sqm – 25 exhibitor registrations

The Exhibitors badges allow access to the exhibition area, refreshments, and Welcome Reception.

Additional Exhibitor badges can be ordered online HERE

Please make sure that your Company Profile has been submitted before placing an order for exhibitor badge.

Deadline: Friday, 29th September 2023

All personnel are required to wear badges to access the Exhibition. Company representatives not wearing their badges will not be allowed to access the Exhibition. Company name badges are for the use of company personnel for Booth manning purposes and should not be used by companies to bring visitors to the Exhibition. Exhibitor badges will not be mailed in advance and may be collected from the onsite registration desk.

Access to the Exhibition Hall during Set-up and Dismantling

Workforce for set-up and dismantling will need to send their names to vmota@kenes.com no later than 1 October 2023. *Not applicable if your booth is built by the official builder.


Lead Retrieval systems are a helpful tool for receiving participants’ contact information when they visit your booth or attend your symposium. The information obtained by lead retrieval system enables Exhibitors and symposium to enhance their database by securing valuable leads for further marketing and communication.


Exhibitors and supporters can download the “K-Lead” app onto their own smart phone or company tablet and transform their device into an instant, easy lead retrieval system and capture participants’ full contact information with a quick scan of their badge (Exact operational guidelines will be shared in due course).

The advantages of the “K-Lead” application:

  • Effortless process using registration badge barcode.
  • Allows to immediately view the leads information.
  • Ability to insert exhibitor’s comments for each lead
  • Ability to quickly scan delegates as they enter the session hall by using the “Quick Scan” function
  • Application is available for download from Apple store or Google play: “K-Lead App”.


Cost per license – EUR 600 (excluding 4% credit card charges fees, excluding VAT if applicable)

NB! Please note device is not included.

Order deadline: Friday, 29th September

Onsite price is EUR 750 (excluding 4% credit card charges fees, excluding VAT if applicable)


To order “K-Lead” Application, please access the Exhibitor’s Portal https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com

Login details to the Portal have already been sent to the primary contact listed in our system upon signing the sponsorship agreement.


In accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), Kenes Group has updated its privacy policy.

You can view our updated privacy notice here.

Kenes will not share delegate’s personal data with third parties without their consent.

Please note that similarly to sharing a business card, presenting delegate badge for scanning at exhibition booths or industry symposia constitutes an expression of consent to share their personal details with the company that is scanning their badge so that it may contact them in the future.

Barcodes on delegate’s badges contain contact information as supplied by the delegate or the agency responsible for the registration process of the delegate. We regret that in some cases, as when group registration is completed by a company, we may not be in possession of the full contact details.

In addition, please note that neither Kenes Group nor the Organizing Committee is responsible for the content of the information.

Exhibition Area

The Exhibition is being held in the Lobby 1 which is located on the ground floor.

  • Hall height is 2,94 meters.
  • Maximum build up height allowed for booth walls is 2,5 meters.
  • Exhibitors who will have stands higher than the maximum permitted height will not be allowed to set-up their stands.
  • Shell scheme stand build up is 2.5 meters.

 Structures installed for specific events, exhibition stands including installations, special structures and exhibits as well as advertising displays must be sufficiently stable that they do not pose a threat to public safety and order and, in particular, that they do not endanger life and health.

Exhibitors / customers are responsible for ensuring the load-bearing capacity and stability of such structures and may be required to furnish the relevant proof.


Floor type: Tiling floor

Maximum floor load: 300 Kg x sqm /m2

Exhibitors are required to have floor cover or carpeted floor within the stand area. All floor coverings must be secured and maintained so that they do not cause any hazard. Fixing of floor covering to the hall floor may only be carried out using approved tape.

Mechanical damage or soiling which cannot be removed during the normal cleaning and maintenance of the floor will be repaired at the expense of the person/company causing the damage.

Ceiling Rigging

Ceiling rigging is not permitted.

Raised Floor / Platform

The organizers and the Venue must be informed if the booth has a platform (when submitting the drawings for approval), as well as the scheduled set-up (day and time). Without this information the Venue/ Official Contractor will not be able to provide the requested service(s) and the prepayment will not be refunded. Before placing the platform, the exhibitor/stand builder must confirm that service(s) provided by the Official Contractor (electricity, water, cables, Internet, etc.) are in the right place. Access to the service points/water tramp/electricity tramp are compulsory when a platform is installed (keep those points accessible!). Once the platform is installed, no new services that need to go under it will be accepted.

The platform sides must be closed and finished neatly. The platform edges must be safe, secured and easily visible.

Please note that if your booth has a platform, you are required to provide a ramp to ensure access for people with disabilities.

Shell Scheme Booths

To ensure the smooth and efficient installation and dismantling of your Booth, an official Booth Contractor, Fairboost, has been appointed.

Shell Scheme which has been pre-booked with Kenes includes the following: 

  • Shell Scheme Panels.
  • Company name on Fascia board printed in standard lettering and booth number
  • Electric supply and lighting (1 LED light every 4.5 sqm)
  • Carpet

Please note that the Booth Package does not include

  • Furniture
  • Stand

Additional Booth Fittings\ Furniture Rental \ Graphics  and signage \ AV \ Telecomunications & Internet can be ordered to the official builder Fairboost  through their webstore.

*Image shown is for illustration purpose only
Note: Corner shell scheme booths are provided with two open sides and 2 fascia panels with company name.

Fascia sign

*Maximum of 21 characters (including spaces) may be written on your fascia (valid for 9 sqm Shell Scheme booths).

Please submit lettering for fascia via the Exhibitor’s Portal https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com by Wednesday, 20 September, 2023


Each exhibitor will be contacted with login details to access the Exhibitor’s Portal.

If the text for your fascia is not received by this date, we will provide you with a fascia title as per your application form.

If you wish to print your logo on the board, instead of your company name or in addition to the name, this can be ordered at additional cost via the official contractor.

 Technical Information and Regulations for Shell Schemes Booths

  • All basic shell scheme booth will be designed and built by the Fairboost – the official stand contractor.
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to make any alterations to the structure of the booths or remove any integral parts from the booths. Exhibitors wishing to remove or change the location of any standard equipment within the booth should indicate clearly on the location plan and forward it together with clear instructions to the official stand contractor and the Exhibition Manager before.
  • No free-standing stand-fitting or display(s) may exceed a height of 2.5 mor extend beyond the boundaries of your booth. This includes company names, advertising materials, flags and logos provided by the exhibitor.
  • It is not allowed under any circumstances to cut, nail or drill into or through the walls, facia, floor or ceiling.
  • Please do not use any adhesive products that may leave marks or cause damage to the panels and booth structure. Booth must be returned in the same condition in which it was received. Any damage to booth structure will be invoiced to the exhibitor.
  • It is possible to use fishing line (nylon) to hang pictures etc.
  • An exhibitor occupying a booth at the cornercan request to close the additional side(s). If the official stand contractor and the Exhibition Manager is not being notified in writing, it will be assumed that the exhibitor will have opening on the additional side(s).
  • A back wall of a booth (any booth type) cannot be used by other exhibitors.
  • Shell scheme booths will be provided with a blue carpet If an exhibitor wishes to change the color of the carpet in the booth, additional cost may be incurred. Please order the new color using the webstore
  • Excess stock, literature or packing cases may not be stored on, around or behind booths, unless contained within a lockable storeroom.

Exhibitors requiring additional furniture may contact Fairboost – the official stand contractor.

Space Only Booths

Exhibitors using independent contractors are required to submit the Following for the organizer and venue approval:

  • A scaled drawing (scaled 1:200 DWG), including elevation views of the proposed Booth to be built.
  • Utility connections: electrical, water and drainage – a list of all appliances
  • The name and contact details of their construction company.

Please submit the files through the Kenes Exhibitor’s Portal: https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com Each exhibitor will be contacted with login details to access the Exhibitor’s Portal.

Deadline: Sunday, 13 September

Workforce for setup and dismantling booths which have not been ordered to Fairboost must send their names and ID numbers to Victor Mota vmota@kenes.com

  • All exhibits are to be displayed to avoid blocking aisles, obstructing adjoining stands, or damaging the premises.
  • Exhibitors are kindly requested to allow sufficient see-through areas that ensure clear views of surrounding exhibits.
  • Island Booths should be partly accessible on all “open” sides. Requests to be partially exempted from this rule should be submitted in writing to the Exhibition Manager
  • Construction finish must be perfect in all the stand’s visible areas, including rear sides.
  • Raised Floor/Platform – please refer to section “Hall Specifications and Important Technical Information.”
  • Advertising on the boundary with other stands is prohibited.
  • Multilevel structures are not permitted.
  • Arches, bridges, or similar constructions connecting two or more Booths are not permitted.
  • Screens or any kind of equipment to be shown or demonstrated may notbe placed directly on the edge of the stand contracted in order to ensure that the visitor viewing the screens/equipment will be inside the booth and not blocking aisle traffic.
  • Any counter, desk etc. or device (i-pads, touch screens etc.) which attract visitors may not be placed immediately at the borders of the booth facing the aisles (there should be a reasonable distance from the edge of the booth).
  • Coffee bars or other F&B-stations must be inside the booth area to ensure that the visitors are standing and queuing up inside the booth area and not standing in the aisle.
  • The maximum building height for the top of all elements is 2,5 meters.
  • Structures installed for specific events, exhibition stands including installations, special structures and exhibits as well as advertising displays must be sufficiently stable that they do not pose a threat to public safety and order and that they do not endanger life and health.
  • Exhibitors / customers are responsible for ensuring the load-bearing capacity and stability of such structures and may be required to furnish the relevant proof.
  • Any part facing neighboring stands that is above 2.50 m in height needs to be designed with neutral surfaces (white or grey).
  • Ceiling Rigging is not permitted.


Kindly note:

  • The organizers will not approve booths that do not comply with the accepted standards until the necessary changes have been made.
  • Work cannot commence until the booth drawings are approved by the organizers and the venue.
  • The used spaces must be returned to the Venue completely clear of all items and the Exhibition areas restored to their original state.
  • Electricity must be ordered to the builder (Fairboost) for the set-up and dismantling of the booth.
  • Electrical switchboard and/or various power outputs will be ALWAYS delivered on the booth floor. Exhibitor/Stand Builder must check how to place it inside the booth to be hidden and accessible.
  • Electricity supply from the neighboring stand is not allowed!
  • It is the exhibitor/stand builder/electrician responsibility to advise how to connect your box provided by the Venue (CETAC, …).
  • Venue only could provide electricity from the electrical ducts on the floor.
  • It is compulsory the use of plastic protector to hide electrical cables (at the exhibitors’ expense).
  • Electrical extensions ordered will be supplied next to the electrical box and the exhibitor/ stand builder will have to place on the space they need them.
  • We recommend Exhibitors using independent booth contractors to include a site visit in the planning process to assure a smooth and well planned set up. Please contact the Venue to coordinate a visit

Booth Cleaning

The organizers will arrange for general cleaning of the exhibition premises prior to the opening of exhibition and daily prior to opening thereafter (excluding exhibit booths and displays). For ordering daily stand cleaning, please refer directly to the venue. Isle Lechner ilse.lechner@worldforum.nl

Any company cannot clean the venue facilities surfaces to avoid damage on them.

Internet & Wi-Fi

Wired internet and Wi-Fi connection can be ordered through Fairboost webshop.


  • Please be advised the Private Wi-Fi networks installations in the stand is not allowed.
  • The Venue and the organizers reserve the rights to discontinue any activity which interfere with the hall Wi-Fi coverage.
  • The Venue and the organizers must be informed in advance when the stand has a platform as well as the scheduled set-up day and time due to internet foundation.

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided by the Conference during official Conference days at most areas. This public Wi-Fi connection is limited for basic web browsing or checking emails.

Should you have any internet-based feature/device/activity at your stand (for example: product demonstrations), we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection for your stand (wireless or wired connection) to guarantee a consistent internet connection inclusive of technical support.

Note regarding technical support: we will ensure that the service you purchased is functioning as it should, however we cannot troubleshoot or repair issues with client-provided equipment.


Please do not leave any bags, boxes, suitcases, or any type of product unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the exhibition area.

Neither the Venue nor the organizers can accept responsibility for the security of the stands and their contents. The Venue as well as the organizers are not liable for any possible loss, theft and/or damage occurred during the rental period of any private property or goods. Exhibitors are fully responsible for the security of their stand and equipment.

If you wish to hire security, please refer directly to the venue. Isle Lechner ilse.lechner@worldforum.nl

Booth Catering

Food & Beverages service is an exclusivity of the Venue. Any external F&B must be notified and approved by the Venue.

Exhibitors who wish to order food and beverages for their stand are welcome to do so directly with the venue through the Fairboost webstore. Nevertheless, if you need any special order please contact them through the following emails.

Deborah Tron deborah.torn@worldforum.nl

Johanna Weiland johanna.weiland@worldforum.nl


  • It is not allowed to enter any kind of Food & Beverages including coffee machines from outside the venue.
  • This exclusivity also includes all types of catering equipment such as coffee makers, juicers, popcorn machines, etc.
  • The Venue reserves itself the right to add a charge for the entry of any F&B products not supplied by the venue (authorization is necessary from the venue)
  • The exhibitor must consider the space available on the booth to store and display the requested deliveries.

Waste Removal

For ordering waste removal please refer directly to the venue. Isle Lechner ilse.lechner@worldforum.nl


We don´t count with storage facilities. Short-term storage of materials left over after assembly (empty boxes, crates, cases, palettes etc.) should be coordinated with Merkur team.

Under no circumstances may packing materials of any kind be left in the aisles, on the stands, around or behind the stands.

Shipments sent directly to the venue prior to the set-up period, will be refused by the venue.

Once the event & dismantling are over, the Venue shall not be held responsible for the safekeeping and/or storage of any items left in the building. If the Venue takes care of the removal of these items, it will be charged to the exhibitor.

For access to the goods/ lorry entrance/ Lifts:

To facilitate efficient set-up and breakdown, World Forum The Hague has loading and unloading facilities at the back of the building. The loading area can be reached from Johan de Wittlaan (seemap and directions below). There are four loading docks where trucks can load and unload; two are equipped with platform lifts for smaller vehicles. The loading area does not have room to park trucks, but there are alternative sites near World Forum The Hague where they can be parked.

Back of World Forum The Hague

  • 1)Coming from the north(A12/A13/A44), follow the S200 to Johan de Wittlaan.
  • 2)Pass World Forum The Hague on your right.
  • 3)Turn right immediately after World Forum The Hague, but before the OPCW.
  • 4)You have reached World Forum The Hague loading area.


You can find more detailed information regarding the access on the following link

 Traffic Regulations

To ensure that traffic movement is as smooth and trouble free as possible, exhibitors will be allocated a time at which to unload.

It is imperative that unloading times are strictly adhered to and that vehicles are removed as soon as unloading is complete.

Access to the exhibition area

The delivery and removal of materials and goods for the exhibition stands is allowed only by the official freight forwarder and their local agent.

Important note: companies which are bringing their own goods should contact the official freight forwarder to coordinate their arrival and the use of the loading bay, the service entrance and the lifts.

Access for Deliveries

Please be advised that neither the Organizers nor the Venue can accept deliveries on an exhibitor’s behalf and arrangements must be made for a stand/company representative to be available when deliveries are made.

Deliveries may not be made prior to 15 October, 2023. Any deliveries prior to this date, or off the official working hours, will not be accepted. Please refer to the Shipping Instructions for the deliveries address.

As a courtesy to the delegates and your fellow exhibitors, deliveries or the removal of any equipment to or from stands must be made 30 minutes before or after exhibition opening hours.

It is recommended that all contractors, drivers and exhibitors bring their own trolleys to transport goods to and from their stand.


Kenes International is offering exhibitors specially reduced rates for various hotels around the Conference venue.

Information, pictures, location and rates are available on the hotel accommodation page: https://hotels.kenes.com/congress/MNF23

It is not permitted to bring animals into the Venue.

Build-Up & Dismantling Period

  • During the period of build-up and dismantling, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beveragesin the working area as well as to perform work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of substances that could alter the perception of risk.
  • The Exhibitors and contractors are required to wear the necessary personal protective equipment(PPE) such as protective helmets, eye protection, and hand protection required by the specific work activity, with special attention to the safety shoes/boots inside the facilities for your own safety.
  • The use of cutting machines, welding machines, sanders and a spray gun is strictly forbidden.

 Health & Safety

  • It is the responsibility of the booth holder to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors as far as is reasonably practicable throughout the event.
  • It is recommended that the booth holders appoint a supervisor for the booth, with the specific responsibility for ensuring the health & safety of their staff and stand builders. It is advisable that a Risk Assessment is completed for the booth and submitted to the organizers.

No person under the age of 18 years can be admitted to the Exhibition, either during build‐up, opening days or breakdown. This rule also applies to Exhibitors’ children and must be strictly enforced to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.

 Compressed Gases

Use of compressed gases is not allowed.

 Damage to the Building

Boring, screwing, nailing, or the use of paint, glue, adhesive stickers, fixtures of any kind or anything that can damage the structural elements of the building (floor, walls, ceiling, pillars…) are not allowed. In case of damage of the facilities, the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to the exhibitor.

 Disposal of Material

It is obligatory to collect and dispose of all material during the build-up or dismantling of the event.
When the dismantling period is over, the exhibitor loses any right to claim losses or damage to property left behind. Any costs incurred by the Venue in removing this property will be charged to the exhibitor.

 Fire Regulations

  • Booth material and fittings must be non-flammable or impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals.
  • As a general rule, easily inflammable synthetic substances, foam polyester, and no fireproof straw and reeds are prohibited.
  • Storage paint liquids, gas or other inflammable substances in the booth space is forbidden.
  • The use/storage of inflammable substances is forbidden (liquids, gas or other). For any doubt for these substances contact the organizers or the Venue.

It is not permitted the operation of any machine in the exhibition that emanate fumes, gases or steam, or any item or device that generates or contains flame.

 Heavy Weight Element / Large Machinery

In case the exhibitor/stand builder brings large machinery, any kind of heavy weight element or structure inside the exhibition area it is mandatory that the Venue will be provided with a detailed project describing the unload procedure inside the exhibition area:

  • Exhibition access used
  • Transportation used to bring the element inside the Venue and weight
  • Plan for weight distribution (number of platforms, dimensions, and weight resistance)
  • Forklifts, cranes, or any other machinery used for the unloading / uploading of the element. How the element is going to be unloaded and how is going to be brought inside the exhibition area.
  • Once the Venue has the complete information, the unloading of the element will be approved or rejected.

Hanging of Posters, Banners etc.

Hanging of posters, banners or decals, stickers, or similar items, on the walls, floors, ceilings, or pillars within or outside the installations of the Venue are not allowed.

 Insurance (compulsory)

  • Exhibitors are required to take out appropriate Insurance. Third part liability insurance is obligatory. It remains the Exhibitors full responsibility to insure themselves appropriately.
  • Neither the organizers nor the Venue, their representatives or agents will be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s property. Exhibitors must take precautions to protect their property against pilferage.
  • The organizers do not provide insurance for exhibitors and their property. The exhibitor is responsible for his property and person and for the property and persons of his employees through full and comprehensive insurance and shall hold harmless the organizers for any and all damage claims arising from theft and those perils usually covered by a fire and extended-coverage policy. Therefore, you are obliged to have a public liability insurancethat covers all injuries to persons and damages that might cover in connection with the exhibition.
  • Exhibitors are personally liable for all expenses incurred by the organizers or by third parties in regard to technical services provide.
  • We also recommend that you have additional coverage against loss or damage to exhibition material during transport and during exhibition times. Please make arrangements for insurance coverage through your company’s insurer.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for all property damage as well as any loss or injury caused by their property, agents or employees. Companies will indemnify the organizers against all claims and expenses arising from any damages.
  • If for any reason whatsoever the Exhibition needs to be abandoned, postponed, or altered in any way, either in whole or part, or if the organizers find it necessary to change the dates of the Exhibition, the organizers shall not be liable for any expenditures, damages or loss incurred in connection with the Exhibition.
  • The organizers shall further not be liable for any loss which the Exhibition or Exhibition contractors may incur due to the intervention of any authority which prevents or restricts the use of the Venue or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever.

Sound equipment and Music

In general, the use of sound equipment/music in booths is permitted as long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors.

Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned to direct sound inward (to be contained within the booth) rather than outward (toward aisles and other exhibitor booths).
It is difficult to establish decibel level restrictions. If an exhibitor or attendee is standing within ~3 meters of an exhibitor’s booth and cannot carry on a normal voice-level conversation, the noise source is too loud.

Further guidelines:

  • Live music is not allowed.
  • The organizers reserve the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise, or music that is too loud
  • The organizers reserve the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise, or music that is deemed objectionable.
  • Exhibitors are reminded that third party copyrights should not be infringed. The organizers have no copyright responsibility in respect of any exhibiting company.
    Proper dispensation must be obtained and any royalties due, paid prior to the use of materials. Should any copyright dispute arise, the organizers will not be liable for any resulting loss or damages, sustained by any exhibitor or third party.


  • Please do not leave any bags, boxes, suitcases, or any type of product unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the exhibition area. The organizers and the Venue cannot accept liability for loss of or damage to private property or goods.
  • Neither the Venue nor the organizers can accept responsibility for the security of the booths and their contents. The Venue as well as the organizers are not liable for any possible loss, theft and/or damage occurred during the rental period of any goods. Exhibitors are fully responsible for the security of their booth and equipment.
  • Please consider hiring extra security for your booth if needed. This can be done by contacting directly to the Venue. Isle Lechner lechner@worldforum.nl

Personal Transportation Vehicles

Bikes, skates, electric scooter and any personal transport by wheels are not permitted inside the building.

 Promotional Activities

  • All demonstrations or instructional activities must be confined to the limits of the Exhibition booth.
  • Advertising material and signs may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s booths.
  • Advertising activities must not cause obstructions or disturbances in the gangways or at neighboring booths.
  • The Exhibition Manager reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise, or music that is deemed objectionable.

 Smoking Policy
The Venue operates a NO SMOKING policy in ALL halls.

 Special Effects

Special effects lighting, live music, smoke and laser projection may not be used in the booths.
No permission will be given for projection in the aisles or on the walls of the hall.

 Waste Removal

  • Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of all refuse/waste from the exhibition area. The used space must be returned completely clear of all items and restored to its original state.
  • In case that exhibitors wish to leave any kind of waste material during set-up/dismantling, they should order a waste container in advance.
  • Any discarded waste, including promotional material, left behind will be removed by the Venue and/or the organizers at the expense of the exhibitor concerned.

The Venue reserves the right to access inside the booth in order to check the compliance with the Venue regulations.


Please read thoroughly the Venue Technical Guidelines at the end of the manual.

Exhibitors must comply with the Venue technical guidelines including operation, fire safety, construction and other security regulations.

Exhibitors must also comply with rules and regulations as specified by work health safety laws.

These technical guidelines ore contractually binding and are to be followed by the Organizers and exhibitors including the exhibition service and stand construction companies commissioned by them to perform work on site.

 Venue Technical Guidelines can be found here

The shipping instructions include the following information:

Delivery & Logistic Services

Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH has been appointed the official forwarding agent and clearance agent for all Kenes congresses. We offer the following services: customs clearance, delivery to the booth, freight forwarding, manpower & trolleys for un‐loading/loading during build‐up and dismantling, storage of empty crates, transportation to and from the Exhibition Hall.

For security, insurance, and efficiency reasons, Merkur Expo Logistics is the sole official agent to handle cargo inside the venue. Booth builders are prohibited from using trolleys during set‐up and dismantling periods.

Kindly note that Merkur the official agent is the exclusive agent for move in and move out of the venue.

Exhibitors and booth builders are free to deliver their goods or to pick their goods up from outside the venue. Those who use their own facilities up to the venue are requested to coordinate their time schedule and unloading of their cargo into the venue with Merkur.

Insurance of Goods

All cargo should be insured from point of origin.

Exhibition Goods and Display Materials

Please note that all materials entering the venue incur a handling charge. To receive a price quote for handling and to assure arrival of your materials, please be sure to complete the “Pre-advice” form.

Please Note: All advanced shipments and deliveries to the Merkur warehouse, including by courier, must be coordinated with them.

In order to assure receipt of sent materials, Merkur must receive the “Pre-advice” form found at the end of this section. Please complete this form and return it to irit.sofer@merkur-expo.com You will then receive confirmation of your material arrival.

Contact Details:

Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH

Irit  Sofer   M.:+972-52-8890129

E.: irit.sofer@merkur-expo.com


Kenes Group Contacts:

Conference Organiser

Kenes Group
Rue François-Versonnex 7
1207 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel:  +41 22 908 0488
Fax:  +41 22 906 9140

Exhibition Manager
Victor Mota
E-mail: vmota@kenes.com 

Industry Liaison & Sales
Teresa Seoane
E-mail: tseoane@kenes.com

Registration Specialist
Marina Rodriguez
E-mail: reg_mnf23@kenes.com


Official Contractors:

Booth construction \ Additional Booth Fittings \ Electricity \ Furniture Rental \ Graphics  and signage \ AV \ Telecomunications & Internet

Fairboost. Webshop

Security \ Cleaning Services

World Forum – Venue. Isle Lechner  ilse.lechner@worldforum.nl

Catering Services

World Forum – Venue. Deborah Tron deborah.torn@worldforum.nl, Johanna Weiland johanna.weiland@worldforum.nl



Freight Handling & Onsite Logistic

Merkur. Irit  Sofer irit.sofer @merkur-expo.com

Shipping Instructions

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